Manage Participants – Columns Removed (01/24/23)

The USERNAME column was removed to create more screen space for the Options Line.

The Last CL Entry column was removed to reduce Manage Participants processing time. This change is part of an evaluation process. Removal may be temporary. Use the LAST CL ENTRY FILTER as an alternative approach.

Age Eligibility (01/03/23)

Age Requirements

The following provides instructions on the processes and expectations as it relates to age eligibility for ATTAIN lab participants:

In accordance with the SUNY Child Protection Policy and guidance from the Research Foundation for SUNY, RF ATTAIN Staff currently do not meet the requisite clearance to serve participants under the age of 17 years. ATTAIN participants must be 17 years of age or older to enroll and access programs and services. ATTAIN programs and services are intended for the adult and young adult populations pursuing higher education or employment opportunities. Individuals must be officially enrolled in ATTAIN to gain access to the programs and services offered by ATTAIN personnel.

Individuals 15 or 16 years of age can enroll and access ATTAIN programs and services ONLY if an ATTAIN affiliate or partnering agency is responsible for the custody, control, and supervision of these individuals during ATTAIN programming. ATTAIN staff are not responsible for the custody, control, and supervision of individuals 15 or 16 years of age that have been referred by an approved affiliate or partner. Approval of an affiliate or partner referring individuals 15 or 16 years of age must be reviewed by the assigned Statewide Coordinator for that ATTAIN Lab site. ATTAIN staff are not authorized to be left alone or have isolated one-on-one contact with participants aged 15 or 16 during ATTAIN programming without a chaperone or supervisor of an approved ATTAIN affiliate or partnering agency. This arrangement is effective for in-person at the ATTAIN Lab as well as for any online remote environment during ATTAIN programming.

COURSES REPORT – (Updated 01/18/23)

Search Criteria: Group, Dates, Courses/Bundle, Goal, Status & Location


All ACTIVE participants must have courses added to their LMS accounts

COURSES REPORT only includes participants with assigned courses.

Don’t know who does not have courses added. Go to NO ASSIGNED COURSES Report

GOALS REPORT provides a list of participants for specific GOALS

SCHEDULE A VISIT (Updated 01/05/23)

Schedule a Visit Log can be accessed from  https://www.xxx.sunyattain.org/healthcheck/log where xxx is the domain of your ATTAIN Lab. 

 – Contact Claudia@isinj.com for username and password. 

– Review REASON LIST. This list was provided by UCAWD and should not be edited but you can add additional “reasons” to the list.

– Review Event Scheduler. Add any in lab site specific sessions taking place. At least one event is required.

– User Log is the participant submitted information. Records are logged and can be modified but do not delete.

– Again – PLEASE DO NOT delete log. 

PARTICIPANT STATUS: Definition for each status and requirements (Updated 2/1/23)

ATTAIN Participant Statuses

Each ATTAIN participant/student must be given a status based on their current status, enrollment, engagement, outcomes, etc.

Staff should at the very least review each participant’s status every 30 days to determine whether active/inactive if not update the participant’s status as changes occur.

Participants may be working in ATTAIN programs or receiving services through the ATTAIN Project.




ACTIVE – actively engaged in ATTAIN resources over the past 30 days. Add product or service to CL. Must be enrolled. 
NO RESPONSE – Must attempt 3+ communications after application submitted with no success resulting in no enrollment.  No services provided. All attempts and communications must be documented in the CL.

INACTIVE – can include one of the FIVE following reasons:

1) ENROLLED BUT NO ACTIVITY in any ATTAIN courseware or services assigned for the last 30 days.

2) PENDING ENROLLMENT – enrolled but pending course assignment due to site/partner programming or semester/summer schedule. Add reason and projected start date to CL (Contact Log). Create an LMS group for each future course and add the participant to the applicable LMS Group. This will help you keep track of participants waiting for future coursework.​

3) PARTICIPANT PRIORITIES/NEEDS CHANGED – enrolled but is not active due to employment, health issues, other obligations, not interested or the program was not what participant expected.  

4) ATTAINED – enrolled and successfully completed ATTAIN goals and not continuing with ATTAIN. Add noted to CL regarding program success and create an outcome (if it falls into one of the outcome selections). Upload to participant record a digital certificate of achievement or industry-recognized certification along with any other completion/accomplishment. As BEST PRACTICE, please keep track of the participants that have completed their learning path and ATTAINED their goal by use of the LMS Groups. Groups can be created by learning goal subjects, topics, training or partner agencies.  

NOT ELIGIBLE: BARRED – removed due to programming conflict, issue documented in contact log (CL), the incident report, and any supporting documents must be attached for future reference. Please note that in some cases, participants might have been enrolled before the decision to remove them from receiving services.