Getting started with KHAN ACADEMY (07/28/22)

We’ve identified specific Khan Academy content that best fits ATTAIN. Direct links for remote participants and courses for in lab participants have been created to help  participants focus. Best to have participants create an account. Progress is tracked and badges can be earned for motivation! Khan Academy is free but donation request pages do pop up at times. 


COURSES REPORT – (Updated 01/18/23)

Search Criteria: Group, Dates, Courses/Bundle, Goal, Status & Location


All ACTIVE participants must have courses added to their LMS accounts

COURSES REPORT only includes participants with assigned courses.

Don’t know who does not have courses added. Go to NO ASSIGNED COURSES Report

GOALS REPORT provides a list of participants for specific GOALS

No Courses Assigned Report (04/12/22)

Assigning a course, courses, or a bundle is part of a complete enrollment. No Courses Assigned Report was created to assist you with identifying enrollments without at least one course.

The report includes participant’s name, application date, enrollment date, status and location.