List of items to SCHEDULE and REVIEW with ISI when ATTAIN Lab re-opens (11/08/21)

  • Accounts: Administrative account, LMS account, Global
  • ALC laptop re-orientation and confirm the connection:
    • new updates
    • Global    
    • Wireless Access Point
    • VNC
    • stations/ station numbers
  • Discuss casting and test alternatives to Cisco App/Telepresence with Zoom or other video conferencing tools
  • Update all PCs and log into Global
  • Hardware: test printer, workstations and laptop (issues – open up tickets)
  • Update ALI, confirm station count and review what needs to be updated
  • Review Media Page/Tech Tips
  • Review Media Page/Courses/Products & SSOs
  • Review Media Page/LMS How to: In-Lab Open Labs Only section


SCHEDULE A VISIT (Updated 01/05/23)

Schedule a Visit Log can be accessed from  https://www.xxx.sunyattain.org/healthcheck/log where xxx is the domain of your ATTAIN Lab. 

 – Contact Claudia@isinj.com for username and password. 

– Review REASON LIST. This list was provided by UCAWD and should not be edited but you can add additional “reasons” to the list.

– Review Event Scheduler. Add any in lab site specific sessions taking place. At least one event is required.

– User Log is the participant submitted information. Records are logged and can be modified but do not delete.

– Again – PLEASE DO NOT delete log. 

ATTAIN Email & Office 365 (Updated 01/10/22 – revised E-mail link)

How to – Office 365 for Remote & Hybrid Participants

1. ALC (LTC) – Create an e-mail account on eoc.suny.edu for the participant.

Email Signup – LTC Only (Do not give away this link) 

2. Go to “Microsoft Office 365 Education” web page and fill out the form.

Microsoft Office 365 Education

3. Check user’s email for verification code from Microsoft in order to complete the signup.


Since link may be changed as needed, we DO NOT RECOMMEND bookmarking the Email Signup link.

Global Desktop & NEW Icons

The ATTAIN LMS icon has replaced the ISI Management System and Curriculum icons. The ISI Management System can be found in the START MENU.

LTCs and participants will access their accounts from the ATTAIN LMS icon. Participants will need their username and password to login.

What’s the correct way to exit a course from the LMS?

It’s critical that all ATTAIN participants launch all courses/products from the LMS while in an ATTAIN lab. The only exception is Certiport/Compass – testing. Part of ATTAIN orientation must include log in and log out steps. Logging out of a course may be different for each course/product. It is Important for participants to learn to exit correctly in order to ensure correct tracking/time/attendance. Each proper exit from a product/course should take them back to the LMS Dashboard. 

          – Mavis Beacon: Left corner – File/Exit

          – GCFLearn – top right x

          – Edmentum – best if logged out of product and then x which takes them back to LMS dashboard. 

          – Aztec – best if logged out of product and then x which takes them back to LMS dashboard

          – ISI – exit course

Once a student is logged into Aztec, Edmentum, GMetrix, or Rosetta Stone, they should log out of each product, and then after logging out, close the browser window when completing their work to get back to the dashboard. They should not just close the browser window, even though it looks like they are equivalent actions, and most of the time they are, except if they decide to go back into the same program right away.