LMS Transfer of a Participant(s) from one ATTAIN Lab to another ATTAIN Lab

                                             LMS Transfer of a Participant(s) from one ATTAIN Lab to another ATTAIN Lab

          1. Conduct an LMS Participant Search to confirm single application/enrollment. Request assistance from Claudia/ISI or SWC if duplicate is identified. 


          2. If no duplicate proceed with request by contacting the other ATTAIN lab and getting approval for transfer from SWC.


          3. Open a Helpdesk ticket – include: participant name(s), site names ( from xx site to xx site), communications between sites and confirmation of approval. 


          4. Ticket will be closed once approved and transfer is complete. A notification is sent to the receiving ATTAIN lab LTCs and note is added to CL automatically. 


          5. Review CONTACT LOG notes for each participant before contacting applicant/participant.

          6. LTC conducts follow up – completes enrollment, determines interests and goals. availability and updates status.


How to manage a DUPLICATE application in the LMS?

1. Run a search for participant across all ATTAIN labs. If located in multiple sites, e-mail Claudia/ISI and your SWC.



2. If no additional locations identified, verify duplicates from your lab by checking email address, phone number and zip code.

3. Transfer (Copy/Paste) CL information to the account remaining in LMS 

4. Delete one after you have confirmed both applications are the same participant. Add note to CL.

5. If one or both have completed enrollments, correct account will need to be verified by ISI Development. Please open up a ticket and provide the last 4 digits of the SS# along with participant name. Once the correct account is identified, the other account can be deleted. Confirmation will be posted in the ticket by ISI staff.