Cisco TelePresence MX300 G2

   – Current firmware is CE9.15.3.22, active Cisco contract is required to have access to download.

Current issues:

• Brooklyn
   – Camera Motor Failure

• Yonkers
   – Touchpad Failure
   – Not registered on the SIP proxy, getting unauthorized access error.
   – Outdated firmware TC7.3.7.0

• SUNY SIP server proxy (
   – No longer connecting calls, all calls are dropped.

• Cisco Meeting
   – Application is no longer able to complete connections via SUNY SIP proxy to initiate calls, therefore calls are dropped.
   – Cisco Meeting app partially worked from outside public networks to ATTAIN labs in May 2021.
   – Cisco Meeting app now works from outside public networks (July 12).
   – Latest update of the Cisco Meeting app requires a service contract from Cisco to  have access to download.
   – Cisco Meeting App (Download Link)

• MX300 G2 is at “End-of-Life” according to Cisco. 
   – Cisco End-of-Life Statement

• Cisco SIP proxy connectivity is buggy, therefore Cisco Telepresence needs occasional reboots to make it work properly.

• Maximum bandwidth is limited to 1.5 Mbps.

• SIP was designed to be in front of the firewall with a real IP address, otherwise a complex SIP aware  firewall/router is required (SIP ALG) to forward packets properly.

• New Cisco TelePresence endpoints offer webRTC and firewall traversal technology which make it compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other services.


Solution A: Microsoft Video Adapter with a Video Splitter

Microsoft Display Adapter (Amazon)

ViewHD Splitter (Amazon)

  • Additional items that might be needed.
     – USB power adapter for Microsoft Display Adapter
     – HDMI Cable
     – Power strip or splitter

Solution B: Personal computer connected to Cisco TelePresence.

This solution would be ideal as Zoom, GoToMeeting, Jitsi and other services use the latest WebRTC technology which work properly through firewalls and NAT.  Requirements would be a Windows workstation connected to the back of the Cisco TelePresence and a video camera with a microphone.

Camera Audio Soundbar (Amazon)

 All in on Video Conferencing System (Amazon)